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Software development services

Aurum Solutions is a leader company in software development with high level european and central american customers. We use the best development techniques and quality standards to obtain high quality software applications with adaptability to changes and easy maintenance.

Offshore Development
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Software development is the most important area of Aurum Solutions. Our company has the highest prestige in this area, so we have the most demanding costumers in the markets we serve.

Some of our software development services are:

  1. Implementation of software projects. This service includes the analysis, design, programming, deployment, tuning and maintenance of high level Web and desktop software applications. We are specialists in all kind of enterprise software systems, including applications with high concurrency and heavy access to the database, as well as distributed systems with n-tier architecture.

  2. Worldwide offshore development. We offer our international offshore development service to worldwide companies and organizations. You can find more information about this service by clicking here.

  3. E-commerce solution development. We offer Web and e-commerce software development, by using the latest and most effective techniques to provide robust, scalable and efficient solutions in this area.

  4. Leadership of development teams. Customers that choose this service implement software development projects with their own staff. The role of Aurum Solutions consists of leading the project team and providing information about development techniques and tools, transfering its experience to achieve an optimal result with the highest quality standards.

  5. Implementation of international standards. Using this service, Aurum Solutions reengineers our customers' development staffs, by implementing international development technologies and quality standards that increase their productivity and excellence.

If you need a reliable software development or want to increase your development staff's efficiency and quality, Aurum Solutions is your best choice. Contact us and we will glad to provide you with more information.



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