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Aurum Solutions is the strategic ally of businesses that want to increase its efficiency and profitability by means of smartly using information technology and, especially, software development. In this page, you will learn about our company’s profile as well as its business trajectory and philosophy.
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In this page and the ones linked to it, we provide detailed and complete information about Aurum Solutions. However, if you do not have enough time, you can visit our "In short" page, where you will find a summary of the facts you need to know about our company.

Aurum Solutions is a IT management and software development firm located in El Salvador (Central America), with customers all around the world, specially, high level european and american companies, in both private and public sectors.

Founded in 1997 out of european staff with previous professional experience, Aurum Solutions has become the strategic ally of its customers, allowing them to leverage information technology to increase their profitability and competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, we offer an extensive range of services in the areas of management and information technology.

In the area of information technology, we develop high quality software solutions, to maximize our customers' efficiency. In the area of management, we help to define business strategies to increase revenue and market share by means of a smart commercial information management. Furthermore, we provide management and IT training services.

Aurum Solutions has solid knowlegde about international corporate and government customers. Our success has been based on meeting our customers' needs and providing them with business growth opportunities.

We invite you to know a little more about Aurum Solutions, visiting our Offshore page or learning about our Philosophy.



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