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In short
This page is aimed at busy people that want to know what Aurum Solutions can do for their businesses without spending a lot of time. Here you will find a summary of the fundamental facts about our company and services.
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If you need to know how Aurum Solutions can help your business, please read this page. After doing that, you will have a quick knowledge about our company that you can later complete by visiting other pages in this website or contacting us.

Name of the company: Aurum Solutions.

Main services:

  1. Offshore software development for international companies.
  2. On-site software development for central american companies.
  3. Quality standard consulting in development projects.
  4. Definition of IT business strategies.
  5. Implementation of these strategies.
  6. Training in enterprise software development.
  7. Training in IT strategies for managers.
  8. Technical support and maintenance of software applications.

These services can be provided separately or combined in a single solution, which goes from the study of an IT strategy to its implementation, development and maintenance.

You can get more information about our services by clicking here. If you want to know more about our offshore development, please click here.

Areas of expertise

  1. Desktop, web and e-commerce software development.

  2. Development methodologies and standards..

  3. Software development metrics and function points.

  4. Quality management in software development.

  5. Software project management.

  6. Software engineering in general.

  7. Object-oriented programming.

  8. N-tier and MVC architectures.

  9. IT business strategies.

  10. IT marketing strategies.

  11. Customer-service metrics.

Please click here to get more information about areas of expertise.

Contact us.
If you have comments, questions or doubts about Aurum Solutions, please contact us by clicking here. We will glad to provide you with the information you need.



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