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Management services

The role of Aurum Solutions is not confined to creating the technology you need but it goes beyond that. We work with your management team to define business strategies that benefit from this technology to increase profit, reduce costs or achieve business goals.

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Aurum Solutions provide and extensive range of services to help its customers to take advantage of information technology from a management perspective. Some of these services are:

  1. Business strategy planning. Although the new technologies have revolutionized business practices, most companies have benefited little from them because they have not integrated them into their business strategy. Aurum Solutions helps its customers to define business and marketing strategies to maximize business profitability by using information technology.

  2. IT strategy planning. Aurum Solutions helps you to define a technological strategy integrated with the overall strategy of your company, becoming a connection between your Management and IT Department that bridges the differences between their different approaches and goals.

  3. IT department reengineering. Aurum Solutions reengineers IT Departments, by determining what are the optimal organization and flow of work for each department and creating implementation plans to achieve these optimal conditions.

  4. Business strategy monitoring. Aurum Solutions provides continuing monitoring of the business strategies defined for its customers. This way, business and technological strategies can respond to market changes, maintaining its effectiveness over time.

This list is not exhaustive. As a general rule, Aurum Solutions offers any management service related to information technology. If you need more information, please contact us. We will be glad to help you.



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