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Advantages of Aurum Solutions offshore development

Here you will learn the advantages of hiring Aurum Solutions for an offshore development service. These advantages include economic, quality and management benefits.

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Here we explain some advantages of offshore development with Aurum Solutions:

  • Cost reduction.Since programming costs are substantially lower in Central America than in developed countries, software projects can achieve important cost reductions, without affecting quality.

  • Better workload management. Our customers can better respond to peaks of work. They do not need to hire additional programmers that can become unnecesary when workload decreases again.

  • Highest quality. Aurum Solutions follows the highest standards of quality in each phase of the process, from inception until product delivery and maintenance. We use internationally recognized methodologies.

  • Shorter development cycle. Aurum Solutions use the most productive techniques, tools and methodologies. For example, we use iterative development and agile methods. This shortens development projects.

  • Better recording of development projects. Since all communication with customers is carried out by e-mail, there is a written record of the whole development process, that complements UML documentation. This record is very useful to avaluate the project's schedule, productivity and design decisions.

  • Similar business culture. In contrast to asian companies, Central American business culture is very similar to that of the U.S. and Europe. This produces a smoother development process, by easing communication and helping to achieve objectives.

Aurum Solutions has the greatest advantages in offshore development. Please contact us and try it for yourself.


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