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Phases of an offshore project

Here you will learn what are the phases of an offshore development project with Aurum Solutions. This way, you can begin planning your next project with our company and obtain software applications with the highest quality and low development costs.

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In this page, we explain what are the phases into which an offshore project with Aurum Solutions is divided. This knowledge can be a guide for you to begin planning your next software project with our company.

Do not see the process explained here as rigid and unmodifiable. It is usually adapted and personalized to fulfill the needs of each customer. If you have questions about the information included in this page, please do not hesitate to ask by clicking here. We will be glad to help you.

In an offshore development with our company, there are three parties involved:

  • Aurum Solutions. It is the company that develops a software application.
  • The customer. It is the company or person that hires Aurum Solutions to program this application. That is, it will be you if you decide to start an offshore development service with our company.
  • The user. It is the company or person that will use the application. It can be the customer or another company. That is, it will probably be you or a customer of yours if you decide to start an offshore service with us.

The developemnt project consists of six phases that are divided into three cathegories: offer, development and post-sale. Next we describe each one of these phases, as well as the parties involved.


Phase 1. Requirements analysis. Main party: Customer. Other parties: User.

The customer defines the system requirements, that is, the features and functions the software system will include when finished. To do this, he identifies the user's needs using an analysis method, that usually involves interviewing the user and gathering documentation about his business. This phase ends with the completion of a requirements document.

This is the only phase which Aurum Solutions is not involved in. The requirements document is the basic input for our work and it must be provided by the customer.

Phase 2. Creation of an offer. Main party: Aurum Solutions. Other parties: Customer.

The requirements document is sent to Aurum Solutions, that analyzes it and creates an offer including the following points:

  • Project duration.
  • Price.
  • Payment terms.
  • Partial deliveries of the application.

Payments are usually bound to partial deliveries, that is, each delivery is followed by its corresponding payment.

Aurum Solutions sends this offer to the customer that asks questions and makes comments about it.

Phase 3. Negotiation of the offer. Main parties: Customer and Aurum Solutions.

The customer and Aurum Solutions negotiate the price and conditions in the offer, until they reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. This agreement is formalized in a contract, which is sent by courier and signed by both parties.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement, we propose alternatives to bridge the differences. If it is impossible to find an alternative acceptable to both parties, the project must end at this point. However, this is very unusual.


Phase 4. Development. Main party: Aurum Solutions. Other parties: Customer.

Aurum Solutions develops the software application. To do this, it asks to the customer any question it may have and it proposes the most important design decisions, that must be approved by the customer. In this phase, communication is carried out by e-mail. This has the advantage of producing a written record of the whole process. When a real-time interaction is needed, instant messenger services are used. In cases of urgency, both parties communicate by telephone.

During this phase, Aurum Solutions performs the partial deliveries stated in the contract. For each of these, the customer makes the corresponding payment by bank transfer.

At the end of this phase, Aurum Solutions has delivered the whole application and the customer has payed its whole price. But this does not end the commitment of Aurum Solutions to the customer.


Phase 5. Guarantee. Main party: Customer. Other parties: Aurum Solutions.

Guarantee lasts for six months from the day of the final delivery. During this phase, any programming error detected is corrected with no additional cost. Guarantee does not include mistakes due to incorrect input of information or bad operation.

Phase 6. Maintenance. Main party: Customer. Other parties: Aurum Solutions.

This phase is optional and is not included in the price. It provides supplementary services for an additional cost. For example, a new contract can be signed if the customer wants to receive technical support or to extend period of guarantee.

On the other hand, if the customer wants the software application to be modified or to include new features, we will start a new development project with the same phases explained in this page.

In Aurum Solutions, we hope this information is useful to you. If you have any doubt, please contact us. We will glad to help you.



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